Guild Wars 2 reveals another flying mount

No matter how many games they’re in, dragons never get old. ArenaNet, the developers of Guild Wars 2, are very aware of this. That’s why they’re bringing a dragon, named the Skyscale, to their hit MMO. Skyscale is the second Guild Wars 2 flying mount, with the first being a Griffon. Apparently, this new creature is “what a helicopter is to aviation in real-life,” reports Eurogamer.

Mounts were first introduced in the game’s Path of Fire expansion. However, most of them are pretty traditional MMO fare. For example, the Griffon simply coasts around and helps you move faster. On the other hand, the Skyscale has freaking wall-jumping. That’s right, this Guild Wars 2 flying mount can sit on a wall, charge up a little bit, and then continue leaping up it.

Lead designer Linsey Murdock spoke to Eurogamer, offering a comparison of the two air-based creatures:

“We talked about the griffon [the game’s existing flying mount] being a jet engine. It goes very fast in a straight line. But the dragon is more like a helicopter so it can take off from the ground and go up. It can gain altitude; the griffon can’t.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a dragon if it couldn’t breathe fire. When jumping off Skyscale, the mount shoots a ring of fire at enemies so you can charge in and clean up the mess. Even outside of combat, running around with a dragon partner is just too cool to pass up.

Skyscale is coming to the game in the next Living World episode, War Eternal. This sixth episode will finish off season 4, but we’re not sure when it’s coming just yet. However, those keeping up with the Living World plot should be ready for a big fight. Episode 5 finished with players chasing a giant dragon around the world. One can imagine episode 6 will involve some dragon on dragon action. What a great way to introduce the new mount.

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