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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire – How to Quickly Earn Gold

Like any game – singleplayer or MMO – that has some form of currency, gold is everything in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. In fact, it’s even more vital than in the original base story or the first expansion Heart of Thorns. This is due to several endgame gear and items that will be highly sought after for any returning or new players.

One of the most important of these items is the Griffon mount, on top of the other four available mounts. As we detailed in our first mounts guide, the first four are relatively easy to acquire, but at a pretty hefty sum of gold. Not bronze or silver, but gold anywhere from one gold to even 20.

The Griffon, the only mount able to fly across the entire map, itself is unprecedented at 250 gold. Because of this and other new items added to the Path of Fire expansion, you will need as much gold as virtually possible. We have three of the very best ways to earn gold quickly, so you can get your flying on.

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Path of Fire – Gems

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We’ll start with the simplest and easiest way to earn gold. It’s going to be a turn-off to most, but for those that would be willing, it might be an option you’ve never thought of or knew about. Gems are one of the many virtual currencies that Path of Fire offers, besides the universal gold money.

These gems are acquired sparsely through in-game actions like achieving 5000 achievement points, but mostly come from purchasing them with real world money. The baseline option is to purchase 800 for $10, with increasing rates from there. With gems, you can trade them in-game for gold of a varying rate of about eight to ten gems per gold.

Path of Fire – Daily Fractals

If you aren’t interested in using real money, Fractals are for you. Fractals of the Mists is an overarching dungeon composed of smaller Fractal mini-dungeons that can be completed daily at the recommended level of 80. These are essentially repetitious daily content that will keep you coming back every week for more rewards and to reach a higher tier before its reset.

Like Final Fantasy XIV’s Palace of the Dead, there are varying levels of difficulty from 1-100 that you can go through as you complete more and more Fractals. The higher your difficulty, the better your reward. Each Fractal will grant you loot after defeating its boss, in addition to daily gold and other rewards you receive for completing Fractals every day.