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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire – Final Griffon Mount Guide Section

The Griffon is the pinnacle of endgame content offered in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, the mount that everyone will be striving to acquire once everything else has been accomplished. Mounts are one of the core new additions that the Path of Fire expansion is highlighting the most. If you haven’t already checked out our mount guide for the other four ones, you can find that here.

We recommend checking it out, because you have to have the Path of Fire story completely finished and all of the other four mounts before attempting to get the Griffon. You may be wondering what’s so great about this mount, and that’s because it is the only one in Path of Fire that allows you to fly almost anywhere across the world quickly.

Here is our first couple of sections to completing this lengthy endeavor, in case you missed it:

Path of Fire – Sunspear Wisdom

  • Use Spearmarshal’s Plea to return to him
  • Interact with the icons to place all of the eggs and runes
  • Go to the Tomb of Primeval Kings that is directly east of Lommuld Kraal Waypoint
  • Interact with the wall at the very back and go through the portal
  • Kill all of the elites in the instance to collect their keys
  • Go to the top floor on the outer side of the ring and near the dome of the balcony above the hidden room
  • Collect the Writings of the Last Spearmarshal Volume 1
  • Go to the outer ring on the ground floor and go directly opposite of the balcony above the room
  • Collect Writings Volume 2
  • While still on the outer ring of the ground floor, find the bookcases on the wall
  • Collect Writings Volume 3 from the chest in front of them
  • Still on the outer ring of the ground floor, find the pillar near the bookcases to the left of the balcony
  • Collect Volume 4 from the chest
  • While still on the outer ring of the ground floor, go left of the balcony to the spiral staircase
  • Collect Volume 5
  • On the outer ring of the ground floor, go just right of the balcony and behind a staircase to collect Volume 6
  • Go to the inner ring of the top floor and find the chest just above the bookcases on the ground floor to collect Volume 7
  • From there, glide down to the thin passage near the middle to collect Volume 8
  • On the balcony above the hidden room, collect Volume 9
  • Go to the inner ring of the top floor and up the stairs to collect Volume 10
  • Use Spearmarshal’s Plea and interact with pedestal
  • Fight the boss until he is down to 75% health and he becomes invulnerable
  • Talk to one of the nearby Griffons and ride it
  • Go to his shield and use the first Griffon attack to break it
  • Repeat this at 50% and 25% health intervals until he is defeated
  • Upon completion, collect your very own Griffon mount!