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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire – Desolation and Domain of Vabbi Griffon Guide

The Griffon is the pinnacle of endgame content offered in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, the mount that everyone will be striving to acquire once everything else has been accomplished. Mounts are one of the core new additions that the Path of Fire expansion is highlighting the most. If you haven’t already checked out our mount guide for the other four ones, you can find that here.

We recommend checking it out, because you have to have the Path of Fire story completely finished and all of the other four mounts before attempting to get the Griffon. You may be wondering what’s so great about this mount, and that’s because it is the only one in Path of Fire that allows you to fly almost anywhere across the world quickly.

Here is our first couple of sections to completing this lengthy endeavor, in case you missed it:

Path of Fire – Desolation Griffon Guide


  • Teleport to The Darklands Waypoint and wait by Redeemer Kossan for the patrol event to start
  • Complete it to receive Ashhe, the Rune of Valor
  • Go over the wall directly west of The Darklands Waypoint and north to the shrine near the Sunspear ghosts
  • Go up the higher ledge and collect the coin to receive Virzuk, the Rune of Compassion
  • Teleport to Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint and purchase Ancient Sunspear Flags for 25 gold from heart vendor Dunkoro
  • Teleport to The Bonestrand Waypoint and purchase Prayer Lights from heart vendor Kisha for 25 gold
  • Teleport to The Scourgeway Waypoint and follow the road south to ruined archway
  • Go to the left of it and climb all the way to the top with Springer
  • Go to the Griffon Roost and collect Warmed Canyon Griffon Egg
  • From roost, look north for the chain-looking structure
  • Travel to the top of the chain structure to collect Dark Canyon Egg
  • Travel to huge tower spire just northwest of The Scourgeway
  • Springer your way up it and collect the Pale Canyon Egg
  • Teleport of The Darklands Waypoint and go east of it and up the cliffside path
  • Follow the cliff to the roost and collect the Mottled Canyon Egg

Path of Fire – Domain of Vabbi

  • Teleport to the Vehtendi Waypoint and go up to the Warehouse
  • Enter the fake bookcase to collect Yasfahr, the Rune of Sacrifice
  • Complete First Spear Kitur’s event to escape
  • Teleport to Vehjin Palace and purchase Stone-carving Tools from heart vendor Awakened Servant Tooraj for 25 gold
  • Teleport to Vehtendi Academy Waypoint and go south to purchase Guard Bribe from heart vendor Professor Nazimi for 25 gold
  • Use Spearman’s Plea to teleport to Yahnur Plateau and look to the very tall rock tower to the south of you
  • Climb it to the top with Springer and collect the Warmed Vabbian Griffon Egg from the nest
  • Fly from nest to another tower north of you and Springer up to the top of it
  • Collect Cracked Vabbian Egg
  • Fly with Griffon to the big shell that’s located north and just above The Hanging Gardens
  • Collect the Polished Vabbian Egg from the nest there
  • Fly from there to the huge rock pointing upward just east of the Resplendent Trace
  • Collect the Ruddy Vabbian Egg
  • Glide due south from there to one of the dark claw-looking structures
  • Collect the Charged Vabbian Egg from the nest on top of it