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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire – Crystal Oasis Griffon Mount Guide

The Griffon is the pinnacle of endgame content offered in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, the mount that everyone will be striving to acquire once everything else has been accomplished. Mounts are one of the core new additions that the Path of Fire expansion is highlighting the most. If you haven’t already checked out our mount guide for the other four ones, you can find that here.

We recommend checking it out, because you have to have the story completely finished and all of the other four mounts before attempting to get the Griffon. You may be wondering what’s so great about this mount, and that’s because it is the only one that allows you to fly almost anywhere across the world quickly.

Like we said, before starting this walkthrough you need all four other mounts – Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, and Jackal – preferably all already at Mastery level three, as well as a grand total of 250 gold. If you don’t have the necessary required gold, check out our gold guide for that.

Once you’ve got all of that, you can begin collecting the necessary items for collecting your very own Path of Fire Griffon mount. This is one of the deepest and most complex things to do in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Because of the lengthy process, we will be dividing this up into several sections over the next few days.

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Path of Fire – Griffon Mount Guide


  • Begin by traveling to the southeast area of the Domain of Vabbi using the Vehtendi Academy Waypoint
  • Follow path eastward to a cliff just east of Resplendent Trace
  • Use Jackal (requires Mastery level three) shortcut portal to reach other side
  • Travel east to the Remains of the Last Spearmarshal and receive Spearmarshal’s Plea from him
  • Teleport to Destiny’s Gorge and sift through bounty board until Legendary Corrupted Facet appears
  • Travel to Maculate Fringe and complete its group event to receive the Rune of Honesty
  • Teleport to Temple of Kormir and purchase Icon of Goddess from heart vendor Priest Hakim for 25 gold
  • Go to Amnoon Waypoint and travel east to heart vendor Priestess Karima to purchase Sunspear Tithe for 25 gold
  • Teleport to Elona Reach Waypoint and go northwest past bridge to very high rock cliff
  • Use your Springer’s ability to hop your way to the Griffon’s nest at the top and collect Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg
  • Use Griffon Roost to travel from the nest to the next nest just above Hatari Tablelands
  • Collect Browned Crystal Griffon Egg
  • Go back to Maculate Fringe and follow purple lightning path up the rocks to the top where the Hero Point is
  • Use your Springer’s ability to hop across the floating rocks right above you to reach the hidden nest
  • Collect Lustrous Coastal Egg
  • Go back to the first Griffon nest and fly from there to the Sanctum of Nabkha due west of Destiny’s Gorge
  • Springer jump from the sanctum’s platform to the pillar that has the Griffon’s nest atop it
  • Collect Dusty Coastal Egg
  • Return to first nest and drop off the south side of the cliff
  • Jump down until you reach the hidden cliffside nest
  • Collect Ridged Coastal Egg
  • End of Crystal Oasis section