PewDiePie livestreams to be exclusively hosted on Dlive, other creators will see up to $50K in donations

Future PewDiePie livestreams will be exclusively hosted on blockchain-based website Dlive. Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg will be hosting weekly livestreams on the platform for the next several months at the minimum. In addition, Pewds will be donating between $10,000–$50,000 to other creators on the platform in order to encourage them to make use of the service.

Dlive is a streaming website that makes use of the Lino Network blockchain-base currency; this Bitcoin-like system has been specifically created for content creators in response to the current content creation ecosystem as seen on YouTube, Twitch, and elsewhere.

While content creators will get a hefty chunk of the currency exchanges, viewers and hosts will also have the opportunity to earn this digital currency. Of course, the currrency can be converted into flat currency for a small transaction fee of 1.2 cents per Lino Point. The Lino Point currency is still pretty new on the block with 99.9483% of the currently available supply held by a single address, though that is likely to change in the coming weeks.

The exact details of the PewDiePie livestreams deal with Dlive haven’t been revealed, but a campaign page has been created on the Dlive website that explains the situation. Users can contribute to a donation pool which will max out at the equivalent of $50,000. PewDiePie will give away $10,000–$50,000 to up to 100 randomly-selected streamers on the Dlive platform on the day of his first livestream. It’s not yet known if this will be a one-time event or something that will occur regularly. The pool is currently valued at $22,596.04 and PewDiePie has amassed 81,137 followers on the platform at the time of writing.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this relatively new platform will pan out with the world’s most popular YouTuber backing it for the next few months. You’ll be able to watch PewDiePie livestreams every Sunday on Dlive starting on April 14, 2019, at 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Head on over to to follow him and watch his streams.

[Source: Variety]