PS Plus Premium rumored to arrive with PS5, introduce private servers

It seems that changes to Sony’s console subscription service may be coming in the future: PS Plus Premium is a rumored upgraded subscription tier of the monthly program that’s anticipated to arrive alongside the also-rumored PS5. The PlayStation 5 is expected to launch sometime in 2020 according to analyst predictions and a boatload of rumors; that’s not much of a surprise considering that the PS4 has been around since late 2013. What is a surprise is that a change to PS Plus may also be coming with Sony’s newest console.

According to an anonymous developer based in Europe, PS Plus Premium will primarily focus on two features. The first feature will be guaranteed access to alphas and betas for video games. It isn’t entirely clear whether or not this will be for absolutely every game released on the platform or whether it will be up to the developers of those games to participate. There’s also the matter of whether or not Early Access games will count towards this benefit.

The second rumored benefit of PS Plus is a little more surprising: private servers. For those not in the know, most console games make use of peer-to-peer connections for everything ranging from gameplay to voice chat. Private servers cost money, but a higher price on PS Plus Premium could very well cover the costs. This rumored feature, too, is unclear on the details; what exactly are the private servers for? Will they be for VOIP, games, or something else entirely?

Unfortunately, that’s all this anonymous developer was willing to reveal about PS Plus Premium. However, he was willing to share some additional details about the also-rumored PS5 console that has yet to be officially announced. According to this anonymous developer, the PS5 will be revealed sometime in the second quarter of 2019 and will be released in either March or November of 2020.

As always, it’s important to note that rumors are rumors. Even with a confirmed identity (which we can’t guarantee in this case), it’s entirely possible that some or all of this information is inaccurate. The added vagueness of the details doesn’t exactly help the credibility here, either, but they sure are interesting. If Sony is looking towards making a PS Plus Premium option, it may well be able to compete with the rumored Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.