Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to merge Gold and Game Pass – Report

A Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is being planned. The new subscription would combine Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold subscription with the Xbox Game Pass. The bundle would enable players to have access to online features and games at a reduced price. Rumors have also emerged about further subscription tiers for Xbox, including tiers created for PC users.

According to a report from reliable source “Walking Cat (@h0x0d)”, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Microsoft’s two flagship gaming subscriptions. The bundle is said to bring together Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold for a monthly price of $14.99, while the price is only $1 per month for Xbox Insiders ahead of the subscription’s mooted full launch.

Over on ResetEra, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad chipped into the discussion. Ahmad stated, “this isn’t the only tier MS [Microsoft] plans to introduce,” adding “MS wants to make subscription services more important moving forward. So a lot of the new things coming from MS will be tied to subscriptions.” Brad Sams of technology site responded to the original report, hinting towards a subscription away from the Xbox One:

It is perhaps worth noting that this hasn’t, as of writing, been confirmed, nor has a UK price for the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription been floated around.

Xbox Game Pass, though, is becoming a more prominent feature of Microsoft’s gaming business, with rumors and comments by employees regarding potentially expanding the service to the Nintendo Switch. The company recently purchased a number of game studios and rebranded its first-party operation to Xbox Game Studios, pointing to a future of more Xbox-exclusive content. The rumors of platform expansion for the Xbox Game Pass were only enhanced yesterday with the introduction of a new Xbox game bar on Windows 10, offering further Xbox services on PC.

The latest Xbox Game Pass line-up featured titles like Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Vampyr, and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Microsoft also recently revealed [email protected] Game Pass. A new episodic series focusing on independent games coming to the service.