Windows 10 Xbox game bar adds chat and Spotify integration

Microsoft announced a host of new features and additions for the Windows 10 Xbox game bar today. All the game bar features are going into beta this month and a number of them available now. Spotify and chat integration are the biggest part of this update.

Microsoft announced the new features in a blog post earlier today. The company touched on its renewed commitment to PC gaming on Windows 10, which has seen things like variable rate shading in DirectX 12 being added recently. The game bar, which is accessible by pressing “Win+G” in any game, is getting Spotify integration, chat, gallery changes, and a customizable UI.

Spotify integration comes through the Spotify app for Windows, and allows users to easily access controls and playlists through the game bar. Users can tweak volume for multiple apps, change playback devices, select recommended playlists, and play/pause/skip the current song. There’s no word on if integration will come for other music platforms.

Today’s game bar update also adds the ability to mark-up screenshots, turn them into memes, and share them directly to Twitter. Screenshots and videos can be captured natively through the Windows 10 Xbox game bar with “Win+Alt+PrtSc” and “Win+Alt+R,” respectively. Users can also record the last 30 seconds of video with “Win+Alt+G.”

The new Xbox Social widget comes alongside the game bar updates. The widget lets users check what their Xbox friends are playing, send messages, and voice chat. Microsoft’s Mixer is also being further integrated, and will allow users to watch Mixer streams directly from the game bar.

Lastly the game bar is getting a more customizable user interface with this update. Users can choose to show or hide every widget, determine their location, and pin specific widgets.

If you want to get in on the new changes, you’ll have to sign up for Insider Content through the Xbox Insider Hub on Windows 10. Once on the Insider Hub, select Windows Gaming and if your OS is up to date the game bar will be updated.