Avengers Endgame hidden message confirmed to be a voice

Speculation has taken off about a new Avengers Endgame “Telepathy” secret message hidden in a new clip. The clip provides a full scene as opposed to the short trailers we have seen thus far. I won’t go into detail about the video itself, in case you are avoiding that kind of stuff (but you can watch it below if you are so inclined). But if you are all about hidden secrets, the new clip seems to have something to get your mind racing.

As with all Marvel movies, the internet settles in to dissect everything we know about it, before and after release. The new clip revealed some more information about how the movie may begin, but what really got fans talking were sounds heard about 48 seconds in. On first listen, you may not think anything of it. To some, the sounds have been dismissed as Thor breathing or the moving of furniture. However, some have leaped at the chance to analyze the noise which seems suspiciously out of place. Some fans believe the noise sounds like someone saying, “I have telepathy.”

In an attempt to confirm the theory, we here at GameRevolution have the noise has been separated from the rest of the audio and enhanced, making the sound seem even more like a voice. Take a look at the Spectral Frequency Display below, where we’ve highlighted the part where the voice speaks. The high frequency of the “T” stands out amongst the bassy music and Thor’s footsteps. There is definitely some kind of hidden voice layered atop the audio here.

So far telepathy hasn’t played a huge part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The skill has been primarily confined to Fox’s X-Men series with characters like Professor X and Jean Grey frequently utilizing the skill. In this new scene, it isn’t obvious who would be making this communication. The characters in the shot have not shown off these powers before, nor have many other characters in the MCU movies.

The noise may be a cryptic clue, or it may be nothing at all. There is also another option. The sound could actually be an accident. Some have speculated the noise may simply be filler noise applied in post-production. Voice or not, some fans believe the noise was added after. This could explain why it may seem to sound so out of place. Regardless of intention, there is also the possibility that whatever it is, it may be cut from the actual movie. This occurred with a stunning action shot from an Avengers Infinity War trailer, a clip which was never in the final movie.

Everyone loves a fan theory, as this news proves, so we put together a range of popular Avengers Endgame theories for you to sink your teeth into. If you are looking for a Marvel video game fix, we recently previewed the upcoming Iron Man VR title.