New Dontnod Game teased as developer confirms continued partnership with Focus Home Interactive

new Dontnod game is being teased on Twitter. At the moment, Focus Home Interactive is talking about a number of upcoming projects and a partnership with Dontnod is among these works. A single image has been shared showing off this mysterious new project. A man is seen leaning on a rock and looking out into a forest. The man’s clothes seem somewhat haggard and it’s difficult to tell much about the game’s setting or time period.

The tweet (seen above) states that Dontnod is renewing their partnership with Focus Home Interactive. Unfortunately, we don’t have much to go on about this untitled new project other than the sole image that they’ve shared on Twitter. Odds are, this new Dontnod game will have a heavy focus on the story as that’s what Dontnod does best.

Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive have previously worked together on Vampyr, an action RPG that sees the player taking on the role of a doctor who has been turned into a vampire. Players must deal with their insatiable thirst for blood while trying their best to maintain their cover. In the course of the game, they can learn about their victims in order to better hunt their quarry. Players will also have to contend with various forms of other vampires and vampire hunters.

The Vampyr team consisted of approximately 60 people. It’s unknown how many people will be working on this new Dontnod game, but it already seems pretty interesting from what we’ve seen so far. A post from Focus Home Interactive states that this will be “one of the most ambitious in the history of the publisher and the studio.” The one thing that is clear is that this untitled game seems like something that Dontnod hasn’t ever done before. Here’s hoping that we’ll learn more details about this mysterious new project in the coming months.