‘Project 007’ is a new Bond game from Hitman dev IO Interactive

Hitman developer IO Interactive has surprisingly announced Project 007 as its next game, a new James Bond game that will feature a “wholly original” story set in the universe of Ian Fleming’s super spy.

Yesterday, IO Interactive made an announcement that it would be revealing its next project the following day. There was much speculation about whether it would be another game in the Hitman franchise — Hitman 3 and its many different editions launches early next year on the Epic Games Store —or something else entirely. The big reveal happened this morning and it was certainly a surprise: the Hitman developer will be making a James Bond game.

Why IO Interactive’s Project 007 could be the perfect James Bond game

Project 007 Game Hitman IO Interactive James Bond barrel

IO Interactive’s upcoming Project 007 has an excellent chance of being a very good game for one simple reason: they’ve essentially been making Bond-style stories over the last 20 years with the Hitman franchise. They also have some familiarity with James Bond — after all, they did feature 006 in one of their games as an elusive target.

Imagine a game that’s largely focused on stealth and careful exploration, intermixed with the use of clever espionage and the occasional bouts of action. Players could face off against fantastical, larger-than-life villains in everything from dingy warehouses to high-society parties. That description aptly suits both the Hitman and James Bond franchise, and IO Interactive can likely make a good 007 game based on their experience with the similar Hitman formula over the last two decades.

IO Interactive didn’t have much in the way of specific details other than the working title of Project 007 and the fact that it will be an origin story where James Bond must earn his 00 status. The company is currently recruiting talent and it’s unlikely that we’ll see any substantial gameplay for some time.

Watch the trailer below:

‘GoldenEye’ trends after Project 007 is announced

Needless to say, the Project 007 announcement had many feeling nostalgic. ‘GoldenEye’ began trending on Twitter, with many using the new announcement to continue to request a remaster of the Nintendo 64 game.

However, as pointed out by YouTube videomaker Matt McMuscles, a GoldenEye remaster is unlikely to happen in the near-future, given that the game’s license isn’t owned by Rare, the shooter’s developer:

While fans have requested a GoldenEye remaster for a while now, a brand new James Bond game — and one helmed by the accomplished IO Interactive — should be a much more interesting proposition. It’s been a long time since players have had a good James Bond game to play and they’ll certainly have something to look forward to in the coming months and years.