Horizon Zero Dawn 2 leaked by actress Janina Gavankar?

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 may have been leaked by voice actress Janina Gavankar in a casual conversation she was having with a convention attendee. Janina Gavankar voices the minor character Tatai in the game and she was attending the Star Wars Celebration currently taking place in Chicago, Illinois. She had been engaged in a conversation with a cosplaying fan, before and she may have let slip that a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel is on the way.

A live Twitch stream was being recorded and a clip was immediately captured when the conversation about a new Horizon Zero Dawn game happened. The Twitch clip has since been taken down, but it’s rare that things on the Internet are truly gone forever; a mirror has surfaced on a Reddit /r/Games submission discussing the apparent leak.

Here is a transcript of the conversation taken from the video mirror hosted on Streamable:

Fan: “Thank you for introducing me to Horizon Zero Dawn because otherwise I never would have played that game. [inaudible]”

Janina Gavankar: “It’s incredible. Just wait until you see the sequel, you’re gonna die.”

Fan: “Really?”

Janina Gavankar: “I know some secrets! You’re gonna die.”

This apparent leak about a new Horizon Zero Dawn game comes on the heels of the news that developer Guerilla Games is currently hiring for a new project that is going to have a heavy multiplayer focus. It’s easy enough to put two and two together, especially considering that the first Horizon Zero Dawn game reached 7.6 million units in sales last year. However, it is not necessarily definitive that the new Horizon Zero Dawn game will be this game that has multiplayer features. It’s entirely possible for Guerilla Games to be working on more than one title at the same time.

Guerilla Games has not yet officially announced a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, nor have they stated what exactly this mysterious multiplayer project is that they’re working on. If Ms. Gavankar’s statement was indeed true, we may be seeing a sequel to one of the best games of 2017.