‘Society survival’ game Frostpunk is coming to consoles this summer

“Society survival” is an odd way to describe a game, but that’s the exact genre of 11 bit studios’ latest title Frostpunk. The game puts players as the leader of what’s possibly the last of society on Earth. The planet has frozen over, and we have to build up and help the human race survive this icy hellscape. Oh, and despite the cold, Frostpunk is coming to consoles this summer.

The game launched on PC in April of last year to rave reviews. Fans were pleased with its unique take on the strategy genre, which often doesn’t translate well over to consoles. Fortunately, “great efforts are being taken to re-design the game” for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There’s no Switch version, which is a shame, but it’s always possible for that to come later.

Frostpunk: Console Edition isn’t ready just yet, with 11 bit being “close to the finish line.” That said, creating a strategy game that feels good on a controller is no easy task. Because of this, lead designer Kuba Stokalski wants to keep the actual release date hidden just a bit longer in case of delay.

Moreover, the Console Edition will have all of the free updates from the PC version. This includes The Fall of Winterhome, difficulty settings, balancing tweaks, and customization. Also, the console version will receive all content updates alongside its Steam-bound brethren.

Frostpunk was a top-selling game last year. It became a BAFTA-nominated title and won all sorts of other awards due to its compelling gameplay. We’ve known it was coming to consoles for quite some time, as Senior Marketing Manager Karol Zajackowski claimed last year that the team wants to “make 100% sure that when you play Frostpunk on consoles that you are struggling with the challenges from the game and not the challenges coming from the controller.” It’s good to see that everything has panned out.

[via Frostpunkgame.com]