Frostpunk: Console Edition release date announced

Last April, 11 Bit Studios revealed that the “society survival” city building game Frostpunk would be coming to consoles. Originally released on PC back in 2018, the game garnered enough attention for the ports to be made. Now, the studio has finally revealed the Frostpunk: Console Edition release date: October 11.

11 Bit Studios made the reveal alongside a new trailer for Frostpunk: Console Edition. The release date actually comes later than 11 Bit had originally planned. In an earlier press release, lead designer Kuba Stokalski had stated that the game should be out by summer.

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When the game does launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it will come with all the previous free updates that 11 Bit Studios released on PC. This includes various additional customization options, difficulty settings, balance tweaks, as well as the “The Fall of Winterhome” scenario. Additionally, the studio also confirmed that it had plans for more content to be released for both PC and console versions of the game in the future.

In addition to all the content, Frostpunk: Console Edition will also feature adapted controls and adjusted mechanics to make the game work better on these systems. 11 Bit Studios didn’t mention what exactly it was changing to make the game work better on consoles. However, it did mention that it wanted the game to feel “natural” when played on console.

Feeling “natural” is something that Frostpunk: Console Edition‘s controls will need get right. The original PC version of the game utilized a mouse-based point-and-click interface for players to manage their cities in real time. Compared to a mouse, the analog sticks on modern controllers don’t really have the same level of accuracy. Hopefully 11 Bit Studios utilized the extra time in development to make sure that Frostpunk: Console Edition still plays well, even when using a controller.