Xbox Game Pass for PC adds Frostpunk and FTL

Indie strategy titles Frostpunk and FTL: Faster Than Light are coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC. The Xbox Game Pass for PC Frostpunk addition also carries over to Xbox consoles, where Xbox Game Pass will receive the console version of the game.

Along with Frostpunk, Tekken 7 and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will be available for console Xbox Game Pass subscribers this week. Meanwhile, Frostpunk and FTL are the only Xbox Game Pass for PC additions announced, and Microsoft did not provide a set release date. While the Xbox Game Pass service has long been seen as one of the more consumer-friendly game subscriptions on the market, the service recently made waves with last week’s surprise announcement that GTA 5 was coming to Game Pass.

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Frostpunk and FTL may not be nearly as widely-enjoyed as Grand Theft Auto 5, they each have seen critical acclaim of their own. 2018’s Frostpunk, a management sim where players must keep a society functioning on a frozen planet, has a Metacritic scores in of 84 for both its PC and Xbox One releases. FTL, a 2012 strategy “roguelike-like” about keeping your spaceship afloat, also has an 84 on Metacritic.