Most of EA game services are down

In a tweet via EA Help, we’ve learned that Origin and most of EA’s game services are down. They’re unaware of what’s causing the situation but will keep us all updated as more info arrives. Replies to the tweet read that Fifa and Apex Legends have been hit as well.

This means that nobody can play games like Battlefield 5AnthemMadden, or any of EA’s massive properties. As one can imagine, players are not happy about it. Many are replying to the tweet with their specific issues, while others are saying that EA is such a big company, their servers should never go down!

One player complained about a disconnect during one of their matches, giving them a loss. EA Help replied that they do not “have the ability to alter or modify any W/L records,” however. In fact, it’s not a good day for EA fans overall, as Star Wars: The Old Republic servers went down today as well to address some issues. Though they’re back up as of this writing.

Other players are asking for some sort of compensation for the downtime. If this issue only lasts for a few hours, then that’s unlikely. However, if Origin’s servers are, for some reason, down for the next week or so, players should definitely expect something from EA.

It’s unfortunate that this is happening on a Friday, right before the weekend starts and most gamers jump on with their buddies. Though, this scenario also shows how the world might not be ready for always-online games, which EA specializes in.

That said, one should note that this is only affecting PC gamers on Origin. I’m able to confirm myself that Apex Legends is live and playable on my Xbox One X. That’s somewhat ironic, as Apex tends to have server issues most of the time by itself.