Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order single-player campaign will be a focus, has no microtransactions

There might have been a great game in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, but its microtransactions sullied the entire experience. It was too bad, because underneath all of its loot boxes, the multiplayer mechanics were relatively well received. But that will be different for Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars game, as the Jedi Fallen Order single-player will be a focus this time around and it won’t have any microtransactions.

Although the official panel for the game is set to take place tomorrow, Respawn co-founder and CEO Vince Zampella did leak one interesting piece of information. It won’t include any multiplayer at all and it won’t have microtransactions either.

He noted to the crowd during the Star Wars Celebration today that the game will be a story-based adventure.

“It’s a single player story with no multiplayer and no microtransactions,” he said. “It’s a story game.”

This got the crowd all kinds of riled up, and sets the stage for a huge reveal tomorrow afternoon.

This is quite the change of pace from what we’ve come to expect from Electronic Arts. After all, Battlefront 2 has a huge focus on multiplayer. And the company scuttled the forthcoming single-player title from Visceral Games and Amy Hennig in favor of a multiplayer-oriented project that was also basically canned. Visceral even shuttered and Hennig left for other projects.

There’s no word as to whether the decision to make it a single player game was Respawn’s or EA’s, but we’ll likely find out more during tomorrow’s panel.

It is interesting to note that, while it’s refreshing to see single-player focus from EA, the game doesn’t have any kind of multiplayer. After all, Respawn has done well in that department as of late, between the battles in Titanfall 2 and, of course, the runaway success of Apex Legends. Perhaps it will help the studio achieve a balance just like the Force.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order doesn’t currently have a release date or platforms just yet, but we’ll likely find out more in just a few hours.