God of War anniversary DLC is a no-go according to director

It seems that there will not be any God of War DLC coming despite its first anniversary coming soon. This was confirmed in a tweet by the game’s director. God of War director Corey Barlog took to Twitter over the weekend to confirm that the 2018 hack-and-slash dad simulator would not be getting any downloadable content.

Barlog made the tweet in reply to a previous tweet. In that tweet, he had quoted a tweet talking about Sony’s anniversary freebies for the game. The in which he did led some to think that it hinted that God of War DLC was coming.

In addition to this, Barlog also joked that the next installment of the franchise would be an Epic Game Store exclusive.

When God of War launched on PlayStation 4 on April 20 last year, it brought a breath of fresh air to Sony Santa Monica’s classic character action franchise. The team made significant changes to the gameplay and camera system. They also set the game in a somewhat open world setting.

God of War‘s most notable change was to its story. Set in Viking lands, Kratos is no longer a vengeful god, but a single father trying to raise a son while trying to spread his dead wife’s ashes. It’s the Norse god’s seemingly interfering with the latter that serves as the driving force of the game’s plot.

While players aren’t isn’t getting any God of War DLC, Sony is still celebrating the game’s anniversary. They’re releasing a dynamic theme that’s available right now, and an avatar pack that’s coming on Wednesday. Both can be had free of charge, regardless of whether or not players own a copy of the game.