Battlefield Bad Company 3 reportedly coming to next-gen consoles

While EA has kept the Battlefield series moving right along with some rather large entries, fans have been waiting for its smaller spin-off to return. That’s Bad Company, a sub-series that got its start on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It gained quite a following, and even saw a successful sequel. But we haven’t heard from it since, with DICE developing far more serious fare. But a recent, slightly shaky rumor suggests it is making a comeback.

A European developer has posted an anonymous listing over at Pastebin that suggests that DICE is hard at work on the long-awaited third chapter in the Bad Company series. The listing notes that Bad Company 3 is in the works, set for release on PlayStation 5 in 2020. That could suggest we’ll see it for whatever the “next Xbox” ends up being, should it be announced at E3 this summer.

That said, there are some questionable parts to the listing. First off, the anonymous nature of it suggests that it’s not from DICE. Secondly, this person also previously reported that Grand Theft Auto 6 would release next year – and we’ve seen zero evidence indicating that’s happening. It’s difficult to know what about this will be true since it could be a mix of other rumors with some fabricated ones. Take this all with a heavy grain of salt. There have been multiple rumors and “leaks” over the years pointing to a possible Bad Company 3 but nothing has come from DICE itself.

Still, a return to Bad Company territory wouldn’t be the worst thing for EA right now. Despite the fact that Battlefield 5 is doing well, it has its fair share of critics insisting that it could’ve been better. And finding a “looser” approach to the Battlefield series could bring back the fan base in a huge way.

We’ll let you know if EA and DICE confirm anything over the next few months, particularly during its EA Play this June. For the time being, the team will continue to add content to Battlefield 5.

If you want to check out the first two Bad Company games, you can do so on Xbox One, since they’re backward compatible. You can also check them out for PlayStation 3 and PC.