Two Point Hospital Superbug Initiative update release date revealed

Two Point Studios have revealed the release date for the free Two Point Hospital Superbug Initiative update. The new content pack is due to land in-game on Tuesday, April 30, and allows players to earn new rare items by completing certain tasks within their hospitals.

The announcement came alongside a new trailer, posted on the official Two Point Studios Youtube channel, that shows off what fans of the game can expect from the Two Point Hospital Superbug Initiative patch. Produced in the vein of an informative real-life hospital video, the footage shows how the game’s community aspect will come to the fore with the latest content.

Unlike previous free updates, the upcoming patch requires players to complete challenges alongside their friends in order to unlock new cosmetics to spruce up their hospitals. If you’re the only one out of your gaming circle who plays Two Point Hospital, don’t despair. You can play with other gamers around the world, in the comfort of your own home, to work together to earn new items.

As well as cosmetics, you’ll be able to unlock cutting edge technology that will help you to diagnose and treat diseases and illnesses within Two Point County. The video showed off a couple of these new machines, such as an elongated MRI scanner and, in keeping with the game’s humorous side, a prison cell-esque contraption to keep ghosts away.

Two Point Studios will continue to patch in new challenges to keep players on their toes with the Two Point Hospital Superbug Initiative update once the patch has gone live. If you fancy proving that you’re the best hospital administrator that there’s ever been, you’ll want to keep on top of these tasks.

Two Point Hospital is available to buy now on PC, Mac, and Linux from Sega’s Steam store page and other Sega approved retailers.