Death Stranding PS5 release hinted at by Mark Cerny

PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny appears to have suggested there will be a Death Stranding PS5 release. Cerny is interpreted as having inferred the title will be cross-generational when discussing how Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game fits into Sony’s console release schedule.

The release date for Death Stranding is currently unknown. It was Mark Cerny’s response to an interview question about the game’s place in PlayStation’s plans which led to some seemingly loaded body language. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Wired, there was apparently a “smile and pregnant pause” from Cerny when a spokesperson in the room reiterated Death Stranding would be a PS4 release, hinting the game may also be released on PS5.

The interview included broader information about Sony’s upcoming next-gen console. Cerny confirmed the PS5 would have backward-compatibility with the PS4, as the next-gen console will be based on its predecessor’s architecture. It was also stated that the current PSVR headsets will work with the PS5. There is currently no launch date for the console, but more information is expected later in the year.

Mark Cerny also made comments regarding cloud gaming in light of the recent announcement of Google Stadia. Cerny reportedly wasn’t too forthcoming about Sony’s plans but stated “we are cloud-gaming pioneers, and our vision should become clear as we head towards launch.”

The last we heard from Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding, the unconventional game developer was teasing a figure of Norman Reedus’s character. The figure is a prototype of a new “Figma” set of models. Figma’s are movable figures produced in Japan. Last month, Kojima did reveal more about Death Stranding’s ongoing developer. Kojima stated the game is currently slightly behind schedule. It is not known if this may have led to the game being cross-generational or if this was always the plan.