Fortnite may be getting an ‘Anonymous Mode’ to protect streamers

It seems that Epic Games is working on adding a Fortnite stream sniping solution in the form of an “Anonymous Mode.”

Known Fortnite leaker Lucas7Yoshi made a recent post about the Anonymous Mode on Twitter. They state that using the mode will make it so that the player’s cosmetic loadout will appear different to opponents. The player and their teammates however will still see them using their actual loadout.

A while back, an Epic representative had mentioned on Reddit that they were working on an anti-stream sniping solution. Back then, players had made a suggestion that works exactly like how the leak states “Anonymous Mode” will.

Streamers in a number of games, not just Fortnite, have been having to deal with stream sniping for some time now. Stream snipers use a streamers own stream to gain information they normally wouldn’t have in game. They then use this to win over the streamer as a means to gain a bit of fame and notoriety.

With this in mind, most streamers now add a certain amount of delay to their streams. However, streamers hurt their ability to actively engage with their online audience because of this. What the audience sees and what they’re actually playing are very much out of sync.

This new “Anonymous Mode,” if it proves to be real, should help streamers deal with those trying to snipe them. Even if a stream sniper can see what a streamer sees, they still have to deal with the disconnect between the character they see on stream and the one which they see on their own screens.

Regardless of whether or not Epic is working on this “Anonymous Mode,” a Fortnite stream sniping solution is on the way. Whatever the solution is, Epic clearly wants to help out players streaming their game deal with the stream sniping menace.