Spotify, Mixer stream support coming to Gamebar on Windows 10

While today’s Inside Xbox special was very focused on Xbox One console content, there was also something for Windows 10 users. And that includes some updates for the Gamebar interface that will open up customization options aplenty. During the stream, Microsoft confirmed that it will be getting some form of revamp, though a date wasn’t given just yet. With it, however, you’ll be able to open up some options to make your game sessions more personable. And certainly more entertaining, for that matter.

First off, Spotify will become accessible through the Gamebar. We already know that the service works in general for Xbox One and Windows. But with this forthcoming update, you can pick and choose songs without having to leave your game experience. It’ll be a good native addition to the service, particularly if you’re all about adding your own game soundtrack.

That’s not all. For those of you out there that are fans of the Microsoft Mixer service, you’ll be able to add that as well. You can simply find your favorite streamer channel and add their window to yours. This will enable you to continue watching what they’re doing on their stream while continuing on with your game. It’s like picture-in-picture, to a certain extent. If you’re a fan of multitasking or just can’t get enough of a certain streamer out there, this is good news for you.

Finally, Gamebar will soon introduce an LFG feature, also known as Looking For Group. To those of you that thrive on having a good online set-up with a particular group, this is the feature for you. This will allow you to bring together a gaggle of friends for gaming much easier than you ever have before.

Again, there’s no date as to when these updates will go live. But they sound like they’ll add something special to the PC gaming experience. Now, if we could only get them for Xbox One.