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Inside Xbox Livestream April 16 | Where to stream, what to expect, and more

The next Inside Xbox livestream is planned for April 16 at 2 pm PT/5 pm ET. If you’re unfamiliar with Inside Xbox livestreams, they are monthly live shows hosted by the folks at Xbox. The presentation aims to be a sit-down with Xbox personnel where they share information on the latest news, content, interviews, and more surrounding your favorite games. The April 16 Inside Xbox livestream promises to bring information forth about E3 2019, Rage 2Sea of Thieves, Game Pass, and a whole lot more.

Inside Xbox Livestream April 16 | Where to stream the Inside Xbox show

There are a couple of different places that you can watch the Inside Xbox livestream on April 16 2 pm PT/5 pm ET. You can stream it live on MixerTwitchYouTubeFacebook, and Twitter. All of the platforms will be hosting the livestream, but if you watch it on Mixer, you will be given a special avatar item from Rage 2. You can also check out the promotional video for the Inside Xbox livestream in the video below.

What to expect from the April 16 Inside Xbox livestream

Inside Xbox Livestream

Xbox is promising details on Rage 2, Sea of Thieves, Game Pass, E3 2019, and a few surprises in the April 16 Inside Xbox livestream. For Rage 2, you can expect an official gameplay reveal as the game is coming out on May 14. The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update is planned for April 30, so fans can expect more information about that. Xbox is also promising some exciting Game Pass news, but have not revealed what they have planned. There are rumors going around of a new subscription model called Game Pass Ultimate, which would combine Xbox Live and Game Pass subscriptions for $15 a month, so that could be part of the Game Pass announcement.

One of the most exciting announcements promised revolves around Xbox’s plans for E3 2019. With Sony pulling out of E3 this year, there will be lots of eyes on the Xbox conference. Gamers can likely expect to get information on which games will be present as well as a handful of teasers that will keep us guessing until the Xbox E3 showcase on June 10 later this year.