Sekiro boss beaten with steering wheel controller

Sekiro is a hard game. Even seasoned From Software fans have spoken about the changes and difficulties they’ve had adapting to the style of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Well, those having problems working through Sekiro can now despair even more. A Reddit user has posted a video of them beating one of the game’s harder early bosses with a USB steering wheel controller.

The frankly ludicrous method of beating a tough boss in Sekiro was showcased on Reddit by a user named “Cae5ium.” It isn’t clear from the video how many attempts it took the player to defeat the Genichiro Ashina with the steering wheel, and there’s always a seed of doubt lingering about the video’s authenticity. However, the pounding of steering wheel buttons and pedals we hear does seem to correlate with what is happening on screen. “Cae5ium” lets out a victorious, and somewhat understated, “yes!” as they slay the Genichiro’s final stage. You can watch the full video embedded down below.

Despite the immense difficulty of Sekiro, as with many games, players are looking for inventive ways to show off their talents. A Sekiro speedrunner named “Distortion2” recently completed the game in under 33 minutes. The modest gamer ended the speedrun by critiquing their own performance and stating how it could easily be done faster.

Fans seem to be giving the title a go in their droves, with Sekiro sales recently topped two million. The milestone was achieved in just 10 days from the game’s release. For players who aren’t having such a great time tackling Genichiro Ashina, and almost certainly not using a USB steering wheel, we have a guide on how to counter the boss’s lightning attacks. If you are still struggling then a prosthetic upgrade may help, and we can tell you just how to unlock them.