Jedi Fallen Order ‘Online Play’ feature spotted, to be optional

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order online play appears to be in the upcoming game in some form. So far, the title has been touted as a single-player experience with “no multiplayer and no microtransactions,” as declared by Respawn boss Vince Zampella himself. However, a listing for Jedi Fallen Order has indicated there will be online integration.

The suggestion of Jedi Fallen Order online play appears on the game’s PlayStation Store page. In a list of details about Jedi Fallen Order, which includes a minimum save size of 60GB, “Online Play (Optional)” is included. Zampella was fairly unequivocal about Jedi Fallen Order not having multiplayer, instead of being a single-player story-driven experience. Therefore, it is unclear what this inclusion means and whether it is potentially a mistake. Non-competitive multiplayer in games isn’t widespread but could range from in-game leaderboards to Soulsborne-like messages left by players.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was revealed at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago this past Saturday. The game included a short trailer (which you can watch below). The trailer introduced us to the protagonist Cal Kestis. Kestis is a force-user on the run during the execution of Order 66. The clip also introduces us to some other characters that will be present in Jedi Fallen Order. The Second Sister character appears to take center stage as the game’s main antagonist, a member of The Inquisitorius tasked with hunting down any surviving Jedi.

The reveal of Jedi Fallen Order received a range of responses from across the game’s industry. Former EA Vancouver head Amy Hennig, who previously worked on a now-scrapped single-player Star Wars game, gave her thoughts on the interesting take on the franchise. We here at GameRevolution asked if the trailer showed off all it needed to.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is slated to be released on November 15 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

[via Kotaku]