Fade to Silence Where Is My Mind trailer will chill your bones

The Fade to Silence Where Is My Mind trailer is here and it gives us a solid look at the bone-chilling world of Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic’s open-world survival RPG. In Fade to Silence, the world has been overtaken by snow and ice and terrifying demons roam the land, making even the simplest of tasks a matter of dire urgency. A brand-new trailer has been released in advance of the game’s exit from Early Access later this April.

The trailer opens by showing the protagonist Ash being assaulted by a mysterious demon in a temple. We’re then treated to several views of the game’s beautiful frozen scenery before it cuts to a fast-paced montage of combat and action. The Fade to Silence Where Is My Mind trailer picks up pace with even more intense action by showing cataclysmic weather events and heart-pounding sled riding. Finally, it concludes by showing Ash being surrounded by a horde of demons with only a sword to defend himself.

Fade to Silence originally release on Steam Early Access in December of 2017. The game is meant to provide players an intriguing world full of mystery and brutal challenge — the environment itself will be one of your most formidable foes in your quest for survival. It has since leveled out at a score of “Mixed” in terms of its reviews; some of the top-rated reviews cite issues with the game’s graphics and overall level of difficulty. Hopefully, Black Forest Games have been able to hammer out these problems in time for the game’s full release on PC and consoles.

You can watch the Fade to Silence Where Is My Mind trailer for yourself below. In the meantime, you can pick up the game on Steam Early Access right now for $29.99 or your regional equivalent. Fade to Silence will have its full release on PC, the PS4, and the Xbox One on April 30, 2019.