New Samurai Shodown trailer shows first Darli Dagger gameplay footage

SNK has dropped a new Samurai Shodown Darli Dagger trailer showing the first proper gameplay footage of this newcomer to the series.

Darli Dagger brings in a unique new weapon, the “Libertalia.” Initial screenshots first showed this to be a saw, however the new trailer shows that it’s actually a multi-tool.

The Libertalia’s various extensions are all based on tools used in carpentry and shipbuilding. Futhermore, having Darli perform certain attacks will change the extension for that move. For example, her Super Special Move changes the tip of a giant drill that Darli pierces her opponent with.

Darli’s main tool however is still the saw blade, and cutting people up with it looks quite satisfying. On contact, the game itself stops and stutters. Players can feel each individual tooth is cutting into the opponent’s flesh. Additionally, Darli’s animations sell the weight of her weapon, with her even kicking to get it to move during one attack.

Competitive players will also find interesting tidbits in this trailer. For example, early on we see her jumping heavy slash cross not only cross her opponent up, but also lead into a combo. Meanwhile, she can also transform her weapon in an axe that she can use to pull in opponents who try to keep away from her.

As the first new character introduced in the new Samurai Shodown, Darli Dagger carries a lot of weight on her shoulders. The series has a history of adding interesting and unique designs that often push the boundaries of the game’s Edo period setting.

This trailer seems to demonstrate however that Darli is a unique character worthy of the series’ legacy. She brings with her an innovative new weapon never before seen in the series. At the same time, SNK’s animation team is showing the same attention to detail that the company was known for during Samurai Shodown‘s heyday in the 90s.

Darli Dagger cuts her way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the rest of Samurai Shodown‘s cast on June 27. In the meantime, check out the Samurai Shodown Darli Dagger trailer below.