Mortal Kombat 11 progression update lessens grind for launch

While the game isn’t out until later tonight, the Mortal Kombat 11 progression loop has already caught flak from around the internet. Progressing and earning gear has been widely criticized for being overly grindy but NetherRealm is planning to address this in an upcoming pre-launch update. While specifics were not given, the studio said it hopes it will out as soon as possible.

Tyler Lansdown, community manager at NetherRealm, addressed this on the recent Shao Kahn and Frost Kombat Kast.

“We are continually optimizing Mortal Kombat 11 based on player feedback,” said Lansdown. “That said, we have seen that there are some players that are struggling with progression, the Towers of Time, and with the Krypt. So we do have a fix rolling out ASAP to address our players who are having those problems to address balance and to address the rewards you get from playing.”

There are two ways to address this: full patches and “tweak vars.” Full patches are what you’d expect: a traditional update that you download that adds or changes parts about the game. Tweak vars are different and allow the team to alter things (like move frame data and how much currency you earn) without pushing out a patch. Some aspects of the game can’t be changed this way. However, it sounds like some or all of these progression improvements will happen via tweak bar (at least initially). And even though it was vague, it appears as though this tweak bar “update” will alter how much experience or currency it takes to grab gear, skins, and more.

Players with early copies of the game lamented this grindy Krypt on Reddit. This caused a bit of a stir since Injustice 2‘s gear also required a grind, but this seemed to be a step beyond that. Mortal Kombat 11‘s microtransactions also gave players pause, as a bigger, elongated grind would give the impression that WB was pressuring people into buying shortcuts.