Shakedown Hawaii release date announced for next month

After spending what felt like an eternity in development, VBlank Entertainment’s successor to Retro City Rampage is about to end its vacation. The 16-bit style Shakedown Hawaii release date is finally near and will be coming out on May 7. It will hit the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, PC, and PlayStation 4. A release for the Nintendo 3DS will follow later on, as it’s just about done with development.

VBlank announced this in a new tweet along with a clip of the game in action.

Per the official game page, the game will sell for just $19.99. The PlayStation Vita version will also see a physical release, with pre-orders set to go on May 3. Those of you that own the system may also take an interest in Retro City Rampage, with pre-orders for the Vita port coming on April 24.

Like Rampage, Shakedown Hawaii is a top-down action within an open world. There is a story in the game but wreaking havoc definitely takes center stage.

In our preview, we said, “There’s a great level of craftsmanship on display in every mission and activity. This isn’t an original game, and you’ve probably played something similar even if you haven’t sampled Vblank’s previous work. However, this game takes every one of its disparate parts and stitches them together into something that’s incredibly fun. Even after just my brief time on the island, I’m confident in saying that not many do it better than Shakedown: Hawaii and that its many strengths have a good chance of transitioning over to the final build.”

The Shakedown Hawaii release date is just over two weeks away meaning it’ll come out almost seven years after its predecessor, Retro City Rampage.