Moonlighter Switch Release Date Announced

Moonlighter, the 16-bit action-RPG indie game from Spanish gaming studio Digital Sun, has been given a release date on Nintendo Switch. The title will land in retail stores and on the Nintendo Switch eShop in November 2018, although no official date or price has been announced for Moonlighter yet.

The Nintendo Switch reveal was made on publisher 11 bit studios’ Youtube channel. The 17-second long trailer showed protagonist Will traverse onto the screen via a portal, where he was forced to stop by an inanimate object lying on the floor. As Will picks it up, the object is revealed to be the Nintendo Switch’s gamepad. It floats into the air, before two Joy-con controllers attach onto its sides ahead of landing back in Will’s hands. The video closes with the date and platform coming into view in Moonlighter‘s 16-bit text.

In Moonlighter, plays take on the role of Will, a devout shopkeeper who secretly dreams of becoming a hero. It sees gamers manage their shop during the day, and go exploring at night through a set of ancient, inter-dimensional gates. Managing your shop in Moonlighter is key to helping improve the nearby village called Rynoka. Upgrading Rynoka allows players to add services such as a blacksmith and potion maker, which in turn sell Will items that help him on his various quests.

The night portion of Moonlighter lets players travel to a variety of dungeons to take on the hordes of enemies. Killing enemies causes them to drop loot, which can be taken back to your shop to sell to the villagers. Players can also uncover secret treasures – located in chests – once they clear out specific rooms in dungeons and caves located in these different realms. Moonlighter was initially released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 29, 2018, and received favorable reviews on all three platforms.