Starlink: Battle for Atlas launches on PC this month

Thanks to an official post on the game’s website, we’ve just learned of a Starlink: Battle for Atlas PC release. This port will bring with it all of the base content included in the console releases of the game. It will release on April 30 and can be purchased via Steam or the Uplay store. However, there isn’t a Steam page up as of the time of writing.

The Starlink: Battle for Atlas PC version will also support Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, and will launch alongside the Crimson Moon update. This free chunk of content brings with it the Crimson Moon space, which hosts a collection of activities called the Outlaw Games. These games bring with new racing tracks for single and multiplayer. There’s also a Crimson Coliseum where players can “fight waves of ruthless enemies” and compare scores on leaderboards.

starlink pc specs

Also, events on the Crimson Moon will affect the entire world of Atlas. New faction story missions and weekly challenges make up most of this side of the update. The Crimson Moon update also includes three new ships, five pilots, and eleven weapons as microtransactions.

Finally, there is also some extra Star Fox Switch-exclusive content coming as well. The new DLC has Slippy, Falco, and Peppy—Fox’s teammates—as playable characters. Players will take on the Star Wolf team with each of these new pilots. And, each has their own skill trees and unique ability. This content will cost $11.99 and will be available on April 30.

While it’s a little unfortunate that the new Star Fox DLC is Switch exclusive, but at least PC players will finally get the chance to customize their ships and start checking out all that Atlas has to offer. In our review, Tyler Treese claimed that while Starlink is a good first attempt, “there’s clearly room for improvement.”

News of a PC release comes shortly after learning that publisher Ubisoft is canceling all related toys due to Starlink‘s underperformance. This is sad to see, as the toys were quite cool.