Apex Legends Season 2 details to be revealed at EA Play

Apex Legends launched back in February as a surprise and ended up being one of the hottest games of the year so far. Similar to that of FortniteApex Legends adopted its own battle pass feature, where players are able to earn rewards throughout the games ‘seasons.’ Apex Legends Season 1 started back in March and now fans are getting ready for Apex Legends Season 2, but they haven’t been given much information about it.

However, after a recent blog post on from developers, players were assured that a Apex Legends Season 2 reveal would take place at EA Play 2019 in June.

Apex Legends fans have been begging for more details on Apex Legends Season 2, but up until now, developers have been silent. In a recent interview at GamesBeat Summit 2019, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella spoke about the state of Apex Legends saying that they were caught off guard by the massive success of the game and stated that they haven’t been putting out content because they were busy putting out small fires, and wanted the game to be the best it could be for all players before they focused on content.

It appears that Zampella believes that his team can get Apex Legends fixed up before EA Play in June. Additionally, Season 1 started on March 19, so by June, it would be about time to put a bow on it and begin Apex Legends Season 2. While players don’t know exactly what to expect from Apex Legends Season 2, Respawn promises “more meaningful content, the introduction of a new Legend, and the debut of a new weapon,” along with potential changes to Kings Canyon.

EA has decided to skip out on E3 this year, alongside Sony, and host its own event, EA Play. EA is replacing their E3 keynote with a multi-day event where they will feature some of their upcoming games. Instead of having an hour-long E3 conference, EA will host multiple gameplay live streams of their upcoming titles and possibly opt for Nintendo Direct style announcements throughout the event. EA Play will take place on June 7-9 in Los Angeles, which is just a few days before E3.

Apex Legends Season 2