Toxicity may keep this Skyrim multiplayer mod from ever releasing

Toxicity within a game community can keep good things from happening as developers strive to squash the bad seeds. Ask most Overwatch players about that. But with the Skyrim multiplayer mod, there’s enough negativity that could keep some devoted mod developers from releasing what fans have been waiting quite a bit for.

Per a report from PCGamesN, a developer by the name of Maxgriot has spoken out about Skyrim Together. The project would bring an innovative multiplayer component to the game. However, the sheer toxicity from the community may keep them from ever releasing it.

When someone asked on the mod’s subreddit about its progress, they didn’t hold back.

“We don’t owe the community anything,” explained Maxgriot. “If we feel like spending time doing it.”

And then he went even deeper, saying it wasn’t about the community at all — despite crowd funding donations. They said they’re “NOT making this for the community.” They then added that “the community has been so toxic we even considered saying f*ck it and (giving) up, or (continuing) but never (releasing) anything to the public. We are making this for ourselves because we think it’s a very fun project to work on and we learn a ton doing this.”

They also stated that people leaving  was “the least of our concern” because they “aren’t trying to build a community.” The response also said that they want to be left alone to “do things the way we want.”

That said, there’s some cause for concern here. If someone wants to make a mod for themselves, that’s one thing. But when the community continues to contribute funds to it — in this case, around $18,000 per month — then that seems like a recipe for unease within the community since money is involved. Its Patreon does seem to have a lot of attention right now. But judging by these comments, that could change.