Alleged Left 4 Dead 3 teaser appears online, but don’t get too excited

Fans of Valve have waited for a long time for the company to count to three with a certain franchise (like, say, Half-Life). But another, Left 4 Dead 3, has been the topic of rumors for some time. So when a teaser for a possible sequel appeared online, fans showed some excitement over it. And that recently happened, but maybe don’t get your hopes up too quickly as this newest one looks a bit suspect.

The teaser made an appearance over on a YouTube channel earlier today. And while it does look top notch and features a familiar zombie hand, it raises some questions. First off, take a look at the channel it’s on. It’s under the name Clusterflu961, who seems like a random person. Is it an internal Valve employee? Probably not. So that takes a notch off it being official.

Then there’s the teaser itself, which you can see below. Sure, it features some fantastic art, including a glowing “exit” sign and some dark surroundings. But, honestly, it literally comes across as a “teaser.” You don’t see any characters, you don’t see any zombies. Just pictures of what could be a level. And, as stated above, it could be the work of an art student with a vision.

Now, there is a very slight chance it could be real. The music tones are close to the previous Left 4 Dead games. And the zombie carnage looks convincingly real. But that’s very slim. The reason for that is because if this was Valve, they probably would’ve taken this down already. But it’s still up and running, at least at for the time being.

If it is fake, which is very likely, don’t get too broken up about it. Many of the game’s original creators are hard at work on Back 4 Blood. It’s a spiritual successor coming from Warner Bros. this year. And we’ll likely get a good look at it at E3 next month.

And that is not to mention World War Z is making the rounds.