Microsoft Godzilla King of the Monsters contest giving away monster themed Xbox One Xs

The Microsoft Godzilla King of the Monsters contest sees the company giving away four special Xbox One X consoles. Each of these are themed after the four monsters appearing in Legendary’s upcoming kaiju film.

The Redmond-based company announced the contest over the official Xbox Twitter account. To join, interested folks need to retweet the announcement along with the accompanying hashtag before June 7.

Each of these customized Xbox One X consoles evoke the look of one of the four monsters appearing in Godzilla: King of the Monsters—Mothra, King Ghidora, Rodan, and Godzilla himself. Additionally, Microsoft will also give prize winners a ticket to see the movie when it hits theaters on May 31.

Microsoft will be selecting the winners at random from those who retweeted. Winners must be over 14 years of age, and be a legal resident of a country supported by Xbox Live. Any minors who enter also require the legal consent of a parent or guardian. Additionally, folks who join also need to follow the Xbox account as potential winners will be notified via direct message on Twitter.

Releasing on May 31, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the sequel to Legendary Entertainment and Gareth Edward’s 2014 Godzilla. It represents the third American-made Godzilla film following its sequel as well as the critically panned 1998 Godzilla from Tri-Star Pictures. More importantly, the film features Mothra, King Ghidora, Rodan for the first time ever in an American production.

The Xbox One X on the other hand is the most powerful home console of the current generation. With this in mind, Microsoft probably intends for this film tie-in to create the association of the Xbox One X as the current “king of consoles.”

Whatever the case, the four customized Xbox One X consoles look to be some of the most impressive and most exclusive custom-themed consoles yet released by Microsoft.