Xbox braille controller patent possibly teases blind-friendly gamepad

An Xbox braille controller patent has recently been revealed, giving us our first look at Microsoft’s possible attempt to enable blind gamers more opportunities. The Xbox Adaptive Controller was first revealed almost one year ago and it created several new ways for disabled players to play. Microsoft appears to be stepping up their game in this respect, patenting a brand-new controller accessory that will let blind gamers join in with them. However, Microsoft has not confirmed or acknowledged if this controller is actually coming out or not.

First spotted on the Dutch website LetsGoDigital, the Xbox braille controller accessory appears to fit on the underside of a standard Xbox One controller. It includes six paddles and a miniature refreshable braille display arranged in a 3 x 3 grid. The patent application has some additional details about how this accessory would work. The six paddles on the underside can be used to type in braille text and the 3 x 3 grid can conversely be used to read incoming text messages converted to braille.

But that’s not all that this controller can do, according to this patent. The Xbox braille controller accessory also boasts the capability to convert voice commands to braille output. In theory, a blind gamer could speak into their headset hooked into the Xbox braille controller accessory and it could be read by a blind and deaf gamer on the other side of the conversation.

While the patent for the Xbox braille controller is certainly interesting, that’s all it is right now. Patent documents get created by inventors all the time to protect any potential inventions and secure licensing if some other company wants to make something based on the patent, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Microsoft will actually be producing this controller accessory. Considering the launch of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Microsoft will hopefully consider bringing this product to market for the blind gamers out there in the world.