Dead Cells mobile is coming this summer

A mobile version of the popular Metroidvania game Dead Cells has been announced for this summer. Dead Cells first released on PC, then consoles, and now is heading to mobile devices. Dead Cells mobile is the final push for the developers to make its game available to everyone. A specific release date has not been announced yet, but fans can expect to see the mobile version of Dead Cells release within the next two months or so.

Dead Cells mobile will first be coming to iOS devices and will then come to Android devices at a later date. All of the levels have been redesigned to work with the iPhone and iPad interface to ensure a smooth transition. There will be two modes available, original and auto-hit, along with custom buttons that can be positioned at different places around the screen.

Dead Cells mobile will cost fans a pretty penny, however, being made available for $26.99 upon its release. This is a rather large price tag for a mobile game, especially considering the game costs less on Steam and console stores. The expensive price tag is likely due to the labor-intensive development costs of redesigning the game to work well on mobile devices.

Dead Cells Mobile

Dead Cells is an action-platformer developed by Motion Twin. Players will have to fight their way past the “keepers” in order to continue exploring the ever-changing castle. Death is a big part of Dead Cells and is something that the developers definitely intended on, as the game’s tagline is “Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.”

Dead Cells first came to Steam early access in May 2017 and then later released for consoles in August 2018. It is considered by some to be one of the best indie games in the past few years, and received high praise from several media outlets.

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