Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 gets two new heroes for its roster

We’re just weeks away from this summer’s other big Marvel group event, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Nintendo Switch. And today, we got to see the next two characters joining the roster: Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel.

The Hawkeye reveal from the June Game Informer cover shows a slightly different appearance from his look from the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For Ultimate Alliance, his appearance is more akin to his comic book persona. In essence, he doesn’t look like Jeremy Renner.

Per the author’s description, Hawkeye “brings a versatile array of ranged attacks to the table.” He apparently is flexible and will have precise offensive attacks. This makes sense, given that he is a marksman.

Next up is a little bit of the old school with Ms. Marvel, whose extendable limbs go a long way. Judging by the description, she can stretch her limbs and attack enemies with her elongated appendages. It makes sense, given her abilities.

We haven’t seen video for these two characters yet, but we likely will in the weeks ahead. The two heroes can join a player’s team of four, fighting against the Black Order’s enemy forces. How you put a team together, and balance them out, is entirely up to you. 

Game Informer will continue coverage of the game all month long. That means we’re likely to see even more superhero reveals, as well as other playable characters. We’ll also likely see features, as well as details about what to expect from the story. But guessing by the cover art, we can probably expect another Thanos skirmish along the lines of Endgame.

Nintendo might also provide Ultimate Alliance with its own marketing push, since it’ll appeal to casual players and die-hard Marvel fans alike. This will probably start at E3 next month, leading up to the game’s release on July 19.