Smash Ultimate’s Min Min reveal surprises fans, upsets Twintelle stans

The Smash Ultimate and Arms reveal has finally arrived. Masahiro Sakurai finally revealed the new character being added to the roster: the Min Min Smash reveal took place earlier today, and she will be representing the cast of Arms as the next DLC fighter coming to the gam. Reaction to her reveal has certainly been mixed, especially by fans of Twintelle.

The pre-recorded stream was made all the way back in early May 2020; Sakurai revealed that he and the rest of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team have been working from home. They had briefly considered holding off with the video altogether, but Nintendo sent him some equipment so that he would be able to record a video from his home. He also took a moment to show off a pretty sweet gaming setup.

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After a brief introduction, Masahiro Sakurai went into an explanation about what Arms is and how the characters work. We then got our first look at the new character reveal trailer. The Arms cast fought over the invitation letter to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before Min Min sneakily grabbed it for herself, revealing that she was to be the fighter coming to the game.

Min Min Smash reveal ramen

The Min Min Smash reveal shows that she will likely make for an excellent zoning character (for better or for worse), something that a fair few people quickly commented on.

Amusingly, Sakurai threw in a joke that Min Min would be quite the expert at social distancing. For some reason, this wasn’t translated correctly in the subtitles.

Fans also seemed particularly enamored with the depiction of Captain Falcon in the Min Min Smash reveal:

As one might expect, Twintelle was a fan-favorite pick for the Arms representative in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. More than a few people were understandably disappointed that she didn’t make the cut.

Finally, and perhaps most amusingly, “ARMS” trended on Twitter. This led to a confusing mix of tweets about the game, news stories about military armaments, and — for some reason I’ve yet to fathom and will likely never understand — pictures of K-Pop stars’ actual arms. In any case, you can check out the Min Min Smash reveal for yourself below.