Fortnite NEO Season 9 Teaser 3 image hints at Neo Tilted Towers

The Fortnite NEO Season 9 Teaser 3 image has been revealed, providing a new hint at what’s to come during the ninth season of the incredibly popular battle royale title. This potentially teases Neo Tilted Towers, a futuristic version of the currently destroyed location.

The first teaser image showed an armored masked figure and the letter “N.” It was accompanied with text saying, “The Future is Unknown.” The second teaser image showed a pilot skin and the letter “E.” This was captioned with text saying, “The Future is Bright.” The third, and presumably final, teaser shows another skin and the letter “O.” This is joined by “The Future is Tilted.”

You can see the Fortnite NEO Season 9 Teaser 3 image below, which was posted by the official Fortnite account.

Combining the hints that we’ve been given, the most common theory is that we’ll see Neo Tilted Towers. Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard has tweeted, “Rise from the ashes.” Add this to the mention of “Tilted” in the above tweet, and it’s easy to speculate that the start of Season 9 will have a big impact on the fan-favorite named place.

It’s also worth noting that “Neo” is a character from The Matrix films. With Fortnite having recently sold Avengers skins, it seems within the realms of possibility that Epic Games could secure a deal for some more licensed looks. I’m sure many fans would purchase a Morpheus or Trinity skin.

Following the Unvaulting event, where an eruption from the volcano caused the destruction of a number of named places, players have been waiting for Fortnite Season 9 to finally begin. Thanks to the various teaser images, we now know when the new season will begin.

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