Fortnite Season 9 starts later this week

After getting a hint via a leak last week, we now know when Fortnite Season 9 starts. Epic Games has confirmed that Season 9 will kick off on Thursday, May 9.

The crew at Epic made the announcement via a teaser on Twitter.  The announcement comes with a message stating that “the Future is unknown.”

The announcement seems to indicate that Season 9 will have a futuristic theme. Additionally, it also shows an image of what seems to be one of the new skins that players will be able to unlock in the new season.

A number of big events have rocked Fortnite in recent days. Last Saturday, the mysterious vault in Loot Lake opened. Players who jumped inside were taken to a Matrix-like dimension where they could vote for any weapon or ability that they’d like to bring back to the game. The ultimate winner of this was the Drum Gun.

Coming out of this, the in-game volcano erupted, destroying both Tilted Towers and Retail Row. The destruction of these iconic locations may play into the whole “future is unknown” theme of the new season. This isn’t the first time that the volcano has been part of a season-changing event, either: The fiery mountain itself first sprung up at the start of Season 8.

Of course, knowing how Epic handles these things, players are likely to learn more about the upcoming season as the week progresses. The company likes to drop multiple teases before the start of any major event. Such was the case with the recent Avengers: Endgame event which saw multiple weapons of said superhero team teased weeks before the Endgame LTM ever went live.

However, the coming of the new season means that players now have a limited time to complete any outstanding Season 8 challenges. They’ll need to finish these before Thursday to be able to get any remaining Battle Pass rewards.