Bless Unleashed mage class trailer harnesses elemental power

The Bless Unleashed mage class trailer has arrived, giving players a first glimpse of what this powerful new class is capable of. Bless Unleashed is an upcoming free to play MMORPG from Bandai Namco. With a plot intended for mature audiences, it takes you across a vibrant fantasy realm where you can battle mythical monsters… and monstrous players. The combo-based combat system promises an ideal battle experience made especially for console. Open-ended character customization lets players tinker with the appearance of their character and gear. This allows for perfectly unique avatars in the world of Bless Unleashed.

The Bless Unleashed mage class trailer opens with a mage making an explosive entrance. A firestorm erupts from the ground as the trailer teases players with the power to harness elements in order to slay their opponents. Another mage takes out a threat by summoning an icicle from the ground before running it through a helpless foe. Other mages follow suit, raining lightning, fire, and ice down from the sky to destroy their adversaries. Showing off one-target and multiple-target attacks, as well as what appear to be runes and other arcane powers, the trailer takes us through the remarkable arsenal of magic at a mage’s disposal. Despite being attacked by large monsters with even larger weapons, the mages prevail.

The mage is the latest in the Bless Unleashed lexicon of classes. Other playable classes include priests, berserkers, rangers, and crusaders, each offering their own ways of dispatching opponents. Bless Unleashed will be available on Xbox One and is expected to launch later this year. Interested players can sign up for the beta on the game’s official website and try their hand at surviving the monster-riddled landscapes the game provides. Get a head start on practicing your combos and bringing glory to your name! You can watch the full trailer for yourself below.