Need for Speed set to return to ‘street racer vs. cops’ format this year

The Need for Speed franchise has seen better days. Although previous releases like Most Wanted and Rivals reviewed well, things have been bumpy lately. Between the lackluster Payback and the self-titled game with its requirement of an online connection, fans haven’t been thrilled. But that could change this year, according to Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson as the Need for Speed makes its return later this year, it would go back to a very familiar formula.

Gone will be the need for “gimmicks” or even a storyline like Payback unnecessarily took. Instead, he said that the game should revitalize “the street racer vs. cops fantasy at the core of the franchise.”

That formula fared well for both Most Wanted and Rivals with their releases. And it’s been an ongoing theme with other games, particularly in the multiplayer arena. But now the real question here is how the game will work with the idea and if an online connection will once again be a requirement.

The news came from a recent financial report. In it, Wilson confirmed the new Need for Speed game. And the company already has confidence in it, believing it will sell 4 million copies. It didn’t name a developer yet, but long-time Speed maker Ghost Games will reportedly be back.

As for when we’ll see the title, chances are the publisher has it set to go at EA Play. EA’s pre-E3 showcase kicks off next month. At the very least, we’ll see a title reveal and trailer for the game, as well as a look at possible features.

Platforms for the next Need for Speed haven’t been confirmed just yet, but it should release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Switch is possible as well, but we’ll have to see what’s in store if Nintendo’s console will get its own version.