Ghost Recon Breakpoint officially announced, coming this year

After multiple leaks and teases, Ubisoft has officially unveiled Ghost Recon Breakpoint. While not quite Wildlands 2, it’s essentially in a similar vein as that commercially successful 2017 open-world game. This game, which we recently got to play, will come out on October 4 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The recent Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC ties into this game, as actor Jon Bernthal’s character serves as connective tissue. Ubisoft said this was to feel a bond with him so you could ultimately be betrayed come Breakpoint since he is the main antagonist. He has kidnapped tech billionaire Jace Skell and nefariously taken control of Skell’s drones on the island of Auroa.

Breakpoint also heavily focuses on survival. Injuries will harm players in different ways as they’ll limp around if they’ve taken a tumble. Players will have to be careful and heal their injuries (which takes some time) as well as eat, drink, and sleep. This is all to make players feel as though they are always on edge since they are also being hunted as well. The game’s subtitle is about pushing these soldiers to their breaking point, which goes with the multiple different biomes present on Auroa.

Players have new tools in their belt too. They can cut through fences, use mud for camo à la that iconic scene from the first Predator film, carry bodies, and face a bigger variety of enemies who will always be stalking around the world. Ubisoft even stated there will be more vehicles and customization options — a big part of the game’s four-play co-op.

The game will also have PvP at launch and plenty of post-launch support, which is par for the course for most Ubisoft games. Breakpoint will get an expansion every four months that will include the game’s first raid. However, it wasn’t clear if these expansions will be free or not.