Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer revealed at PlayStation State of Play

Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer has been shown off at PlayStation’s May 9 State of Play stream. The minute-long clip not only shows off Cloud gameplay, but also a brief look at some of the gorgeous cinematics on offer from the re-tread of the beloved PlayStation classic. Game director Tetsuya Nomura has also revealed we’ll get more Final Fantasy 7 remake news next month.

So, yeah, it’s actually a thing. The final minute of the State of Play livestream offered up something we probably never thought would happen after an extended period of radio silence: An actual honest-to-goodness Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer.

“The Return Draws Closer,” begins the teaser, as Cloud is being stopped by soldiers, presumably in Midgar during the game’s opening act. From there, we’re taking on a whirlwind tour to what the Final Fantasy 7 remake looks like in full-flow: missiles are flying; Barrett is being a badass, and Cloud is ripping people to shreds with his Buster Sword. All is right in the world.

We even get a small heartfelt scene between Aeris/Aerith and Cloud in-between the Final Fantasy 7 remake flexing its gameplay muscles and teasing its unique hybrid of Final Fantasy 15-style combat and the traditionally number-focused RPG clashes of years past.

But words can only do so much. You can watch it below, right now. Again and again. And again. Forever.

Alongside the trailer, Tetsuya Nomura has revealed we’ll get “more information” about the Final Fantasy 7 remake next month. While Sony doesn’t have a presence at E3, it may yet choose to capitalize on the gaming world’s attention by stealth dropping a major announcement, potentially a release date very soon.