Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Mini packs the retro console with the new game on PS4

SNK recently revealed a new Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Mini. The company will be selling this new edition of its retro-console together as a pack-in with the PlayStation 4 version of the game’s upcoming reboot.

There will be three versions of this new Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Mini. Each comes in a colored translucent casing, representing one of three Samurai Shodown characters: Red for Nakoruru, blue for Ukyo Tachibana, and clear for Haohamaru. The two controllers that come alongside it will be in a matching colored translucent case.

The consoles come with all six Neo Geo Samurai Shodown games, from the 1993 original all the way to 2004’s Samurai Shodown 5 Special. In addition to this they will also come with 34 other classic Neo Geo games, including a number of other fighters. Other items included with each set are four character cards, as well as two stickers of the character represented by the console.

SNK is making only 20,000 of each version. Pre-orders for these will open on May 16. The units themselves will launch on June 27 alongside the new game.

As mentioned above, interested buyers can purchase these as part of a “Special Pack” alongside the PlayStation 4 version of the new Samurai Shodown release. However, SNK is also selling each miniature console as a standalone unit. Individually, they will retail for ¥15,000. SNK has yet to give a price for the limited PlayStation 4 special pack, however.

These new bundles currently exist only as SNK online store exclusives in Japan. SNK’s announcement didn’t give word of a western release, let alone one for the Xbox One version of the game.

SNK seem committed to pushing its Samurai Shodown franchise this year. Alongside the new game, the studio also announced a Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Collection at PAX East last April. The latter collects the same six Neo Geo Samurai Shodown games found in the new Neo Geo Mini, but gives them online play and a few other features. This new collection arrives on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this coming fall.