Street Fighter esports grows with new leagues

With the rapidly expanding popularity of esports, it’s no wonder more companies want to bring new players into the fray. The most recent initiative comes from Capcom, who announced plans to build the Street Fighter esports scene with more leagues in Japan. The aim is to get newer players into the scene in the run-up to the company’s flagship tournament, the Street Fighter League: Pro-JP.

The investment into new leagues will grow the scene from the ground up. Amateur players will have the chance to compete in the tournaments. Winners will move forward to the tryout league, where there’s a chance to be drafted by leaders of professional teams. The possibility of discovery by a professional team gives these so-called amateur competitions a thrilling edge.

The first of these new feeder leagues will be held this month. The Street Fighter League: Arcade 2019 takes place in 30 arcades across Japan. This will culminate in a final tournament on July 28.

The second league is an online tournament, beginning and ending on June 15. The Street Fighter League: College-JP 2019 focuses on students from colleges, universities, tech schools, vocational schools, and graduate students. The entire tournament will be streamed on Twitch for those of you wanting to get in on the action!

The third and final new league is known as the Rookie’s Caravan 2019. Scheduled for this summer alongside the Street Fighter League: College-JP 2019, the national “caravan” tournament provides a final opportunity for amateurs to get noticed by the pros.

Capcom is working toward establishing a greater esports presence both in Japan and worldwide. The Street Fighter initiatives represent their next steps toward this goal. According to their recent press release, Capcom believes esports are “the future of sports, where anyone can compete regardless of age, gender or physical differences.” The company continues to strive for the promotion of this new form of athleticism, and these new leagues are an excellent step in that direction.