Discord reaches 250 million users as it celebrates its four year anniversary

Discord is celebrating its four year anniversary today in incredible fashion! According to an official press release, as Discord celebrates its birthday, it has also achieved an incredible milestone- 250 million users. That’s right, in just under four years, Discord has rounded up over 250 million registered users to the social gaming platform!

The celebration does not end at 250 million registered users either. The social service has revealed that they also have 56 million monthly users on their service, with over 850 million messages sent per day and 25 billion messages sent per month! Those are some crazy numbers when you really think about it!

Discord was founded in 2015 as a social gaming platform. In just one year, it managed to build up to 25 million total users. The service has continued to grow has multiplied their subscriber base 10x in just three years! That’s definitely something to celebrate! The service has become a staple for lots of gamers over the past few years.


The social service hosts tons of individual channels for games. This means that in each specific game channel, fans can join in and talk with other fans about one specific game. Discord released their top gaming channel rooms and the game that tops the list should come as no surprise. Leading the way for Discord is the Fortnite chat room. Following that is SpellBreak and PUBG MobileA full list of the top Discord channels can be seen below.

  • Fortnite
  • SpellBreak
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Clash Royale
  • Minecraft
  • ZombsRoyale
  • Rainbow 6

Discord also launched their own game store back in the Fall of 2018. Their game store is rather small compared to Valve and the Epic Games Store but is still a great service nonetheless. They offer smaller titles that can be used directly with the platform. It certainly isn’t anything to write home about, but it is nice for those who enjoy the platform.